Day Money/Skins/Pari-Mutual Bets/Misc. – $200/man  
Team Day Money  
$12,300/3 Rounds = $4,100/Round   
Paid to Top 7 Teams Each Day  
1st Place Team – $1,500 or $375/each  
2nd Place Team – $1,000 or $250/each  
3rd Place Team – $700 or $175/each  
4th Place Team – $400 or $100/each  
5th Place Team – $300 or $75/each  
6th Place Team – $200 or $50/each  
Team Skins  
$4,000 Total  
Paid to any Skin won during the 3 tourney rounds.  
Team Bets  
Total Starting Purse $5,400 ($50/man)  
Each player has five (5) bets on their own team.   
Pari-Mutual Wagering  
Subsequent bets, like always, are $10/bet.  Money collected will be distributed as:  
1st Place Overall Team – 50%   
2nd Place Overall Team – 30%  
3rd Place Overall Team – 20%  
Sub Hub  
Total Purse $1,400  
Team Payouts: 1st-$500, 2nd-$400, 3rd-$300, 4th-$200  
Shoot Out  
Total Purse $1,650  
Team Payouts: 1st-$750, 2nd-$450, 3rd-$225, 4th-$150, 5th-$75  
Putting Tourney  
Total Purse $650  
1st-$300, 2nd-$150, 3rd-$100, 4th-$100  
Total Purse $1,350  
$100 cash for all Par 3’s each tournament round. $250 cash on the Memorial Hole.  
With 100% participation in the Hole-in-One pledge, an Ace will net you $1,070