Tourney Format / Rules  2024


Once again, instead of over-lapping scorecards with your partners to get a “best-ball” 18-hole score, we will count both scores. Your team score will be the total score of both 2-man teams, divided by 2. For example, if you and your partner shoot 75 and your other partners shoot 81, your team score is 78. If you shoot 75 and they shoot 80, your team score is 77.5. Either a whole or a half number will represent every team score. Ties will be broken as in the past, with the lowest team score, backtracking from the 18th hole. Overall tournament ties will be broken by backtracking from the total rounds score. In other words, if you are caught in the final round, you get passed. For example, 70-71-69 beats 70-70-70 but 70-70-70 beats 70-69-71. Don’t sweat it – we’ll say it nicely when we tell you how you got screwed!

1st Round: 2-Man Scramble – A/C, B/D, 1:00pm, Blue Tees

Regular 2-man scramble format for both the A/C and B/D teams; both players hit each shot and team selects which ball to play. As a reminder, on all scrambles, you may improve your lie, but not your position. (in the trap, stay in the trap; in the rough, stay in the rough, etc.)

2nd Round: 2-Man Scramble – A/B, C/D, 1:00pm, Blue Tees

Regular 2-man scramble format for the A/B and C/D teams. Both players hit each shot and team selects which ball to play.

3rd Round: Modified Chapman – A/D, B/C, 1:00pm, Blue Tees

For the Chapman Format (aka Pinehurst System) both partners tee off, then the team must decide which one ball they want to play. The player’s drive that was not used must hit the 2nd shot. Therefore, the team will only hit one (1) second shot. After laying two (2), the team will scramble from there. Note: Be careful on Par 3’s as the ball needs to lay 2 before you start scrambling. We typically get into scramble mode once we get on the green, and on a Par 3, remember, if the ball lies one (1) you are still putting solo for the first putt until the ball lays 2.

A few notes:

  • Before the round, exchange scorecards with your playing partners and keep each other’s score.
  • Please write legibly only on the official scorecard in the marked area only. If you want to keep your own score or make notes, please do it on a separate card. One player from each team must verify the score on all holes for accuracy, and someone from each team should sign both cards before turning them in.
  • Each team is responsible for their official scorecard upon completion of the round. Please be sure it is turned in to the appropriate person responsible for collecting them.
  • Please remember that everyone should hit from his assigned tees on all par 3’s:

A’s – Black       B’s – Blue       C’s – White      D’s – Red


This is true for all par 3’s during the tournament, regardless of the format.

  • Double bogey is the max score on any hole.
  • Please be cognizant of the pace of play and do all you can to keep up with the group in front of you.
  • “Hubbell Whiff Rule” (much like the 3-knockdown rule) is always in effect. A complete miss allows for a free do-over.
  • If you are the last group playing one of the Par 3’s, someone from your group should be assigned to bring in the Closest-to-the-Pin marker and get it to a collection person. Please help him remember to do so.
  • Finally, do the right thing. When in doubt, ask or check with your playing partners.

Have Fun and Good Luck!!!